Apartment Renovations Brisbane

Renovating your apartment can be a simple and pleasurable experience when you have a professional builder like AQWA Constructions by your side.

Time to renovate your apartment?

Eventually, every apartment must be renovated. Renovating an apartment can be a rewarding and exciting
experience, but it’s no secret that it can be a difficult and stressful process as well. AQWA Constructions will help
you avoid the continual let downs associated with renovating apartments. Things like, tradies with poor attitudes, frustrating phone calls and worrying about your final decision can make renovating your apartment stressful.

Brisbane Apartment Renovations

Stress-free Apartment Renovations

You are about to embark on one of the biggest financial investments in your life..

AQWA Constructions fully understands it can be stressful… renovation work is very technical, very regulated and mistakes are very expensive!

We are committed to delivering quality apartment renovations on time and within budget.

AQWA Constructions are involved in every aspect of your project. We are fully licensed and insured.

Apartment Renovations

What we offer...

AQWA Constructions has developed a specialised apartment renovation service for our clients who are looking for a quality and cost effective way to renovate the apartment. This specialised service is targeted at kitchen, bathroom and/or full apartment renovations and our aim is to completely make over a property giving it that brand new look and feel with quality and workmanship that will stand the test of time.

AQWA Constructions approaches renovation projects like their own. We handle all renovation projects with the utmost care and attention to detail. AQWA Constructions can undertake an assessment of your apartment and evaluate whether an open plan might be right for the space.

Our Apartment Renovation Process


Step 1 - Initial Chat

We will contact you for a quick chat to discuss your goals and explore how we can add value to your property/office. We will explain to you what we need from you so we can give a Preliminary Quotation.


Step 2 - Send Us Your Images

You will be requested to give us measurements and photos of certain areas that you wish to renovate. AQWA Constructions is able to produce a Preliminary Quote.


Step 3 - Preliminary Quote

Our Preliminary Quote is designed to provide an accurate budget for your project as quickly as possible. It is our many years of experience that enables us to deliver a Preliminary Quote with this much accuracy.


Step 4 - Preliminary Engagement

Once you know you can afford the renovations, and you can secure your funding, AQWA Constructions will give you a preliminary engagement contract that attracts a $350.00 fee for our services. This will assist you through the formal design/quote/approval process. This fee is later deducted from your overall contract price.


Step 5 - Strata Committee Approvals

AQWA Constructions will visit you on site and prepare a Scope of Works; with all our company details, Insurances, licenses, accreditations etc. If necessary, AQWA Constructions will submit the strata application form, including the scope of works to your Body Corporate for processing and approval (Works are divided into cosmetic, minor and major works – and each has its own rules about which require approval). Your form is then reviewed by the Body Corporate who may require further information or clarification about your apartment renovation The Body Corporate will advise the method of approval required, which may include signing an indemnity form, paying a security deposit (in case anything goes wrong), and having a by-law drafted for your renovation (if it impacts common property) and/or the passing of a resolution at a General Meeting (GM). AQWA Constructions will arrange what is necessary to ensure you never breach your duties as an owner or occupier (i.e. cause nuisance)


Step 6 - Finalise Your Costs & Sign Your Construction Contracts

You now have approval from the Body Corporate. Your choices from the Shopping List come together with detailed information of selected fixtures and fittings. This is where your understanding and selection of fixtures and fittings are most important. A detail list of selected fixtures and fittings shall form part of the contract. AQWA Constructions will present you with a fully transparent final contract price and a construction contract for you to sign, with start and finish dates. Your Project will be insured with QBCC Insurance and of course your preliminary engagement fee will be deducted off the contract.


Step 7 - Renovate

AQWA Constructions will project manage your apartment renovation from start to finish and deliver your project on time and to the highest standard. You deal directly with AQWA Constructions, which means no sales reps or chasing tradies – we coordinate everything and make it happen. All the tradies and contractors we use are also first class professionals, who have all the necessary qualifications and licenses to take on your apartment renovation project.


Step 8 - Handover

Your apartment renovation is completed, and you or your tenants can move back in and start enjoying the new and beautiful transition.

Our Apartment Renovation Services

Apartment Bathroom Renovations

Functional, beautiful, fresh, relaxing. All the qualities your new bathroom should have and our team can deliver. A bathroom renovation can be very costly, however, with AQWA Constructions we can ensure that any remodeling or renovation project not only suits your needs, but your budget too.

Apartment Kitchen Renovations

There are many reasons why you should renovate your kitchen. This room is the heart of the home and brings nourishment and a positive ambiance to the place. It is also a place that brings your family together. Create the kitchen you’ve always wanted. The possibilities are endless with AQWA Constructions.

Open Plan Apartment Renovations

Over the years, our lifestyles have changed and we have seen a big shift in the way we interact and connect in our homes. Once upon a time, we had separate rooms for the living area, kitchen and lounge room. These days, most homes are designed with an open plan living in mind. We are seeing a trend with people renovating their apartments. In most apartments renovations can knock down at least one wall to open up their living areas to create a more open and airy feel.

Apartment Laundry Renovations

A laundry renovation can be overlooked when repairs or renovations in the home take place. That’s because laundries are considered to have more of a practical use than a decorative one. However, that shouldn’t always be the case. Let AQWA Constructions renovate your laundry.

Apartment Repaint & Resurface

If you choose to remodel with us, it is almost a given that you will need to paint, re-paint or resurface a wall area once all the structural and functional work is done. The right paint and surface job can completely re-vitalise and refresh your home. It can completely change the look and feel of a space.

Apartment Flooring

It is very likely you will want to replace the old carpet in your bedroom or the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom, with new modern floor coverings. So you need to be aware that the unauthorised installation of hard-surface flooring in apartment units can result in disquiet between lot owners and owners corporations. AQWA Constructions will assist you to choose new flooring that is tested and approved to standards that govern noise transfer between apartments; and that the correct approval process is used to ensure that their new flooring only needs to be installed once.

Some of Our Recent Projects

Apartment Renovations Brisbane
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