Landscape Construction Brisbane

AQWA Construction can restyle your property into the exciting and relaxing environment of your dreams!

Exceptional Landscape Construction Brisbane wide

Landscaping your home creates an elegant environment with many benefits. Breathe easier and conserve the environment with a well thought out inventory of plants and trees. Increase your privacy, reduce noise, and create a beautiful setting that is pleasant year-round. 

AQWA Constructions will transform your idea into reality, we start with a friendly sit down that establishes your specific demands then move on to creating a practical design and finish with a unique solution that we guarantee will satisfy you. We believe in collaborative communication and our landscape construction Brisbane services involve our clients in every step of the process.

Ready to reshape your lawn and property into an exciting living area that you can enjoy for a lifetime? Request a quote through AQWA’s landscape construction services or call 0414 234 695 to start now! Curious about other renovation options? Browse all our home renovation services online today.

AQWA Landscape Design Services

Architectural Landscape Design

Whether you are adding on to a new space or modernising a pre-existing property, AQWA’s landscape construction services have options to fit your needs. In addition to our custom designs and individualised service, we offer:

  • Soft landscaping – use trees, shrubs, & other vegetation to sculpt a relaxing environment
  • Garden design – create a functional beautiful garden from our wide selection of plants and design skills
  • Hard landscaping – build a private sanctuary out of timber, stone, masonry, and other hard materials, including a beautiful deck to complement your home
  • Screens, awnings, and other privacy products
  • Vertical gardens

Our expansive knowledge of plants, landscaping materials, and up to date methods has allowed us to be a leading landscape construction service with affordable rates and superior service. We pass those benefits on to you to create an unmatched customer experience.

New Pools & Renovations

In addition to our traditional landscape design services, we offer the ability to install a brand new pool to your landscape or conduct pool renovations that breathe life into your existing space. Designed with your home and lifestyle in mind, we merge durability, aesthetics, and environmentalism to produce nothing short of a stunning result.

Retaining Walls

Make the most out of your available space and manage erosion through the use of a retaining wall and proper draining. AQWA can construct a durable wall out of timber, stone, masonry, or other material to provide you with a beautiful wall, along with drainage solutions that protect your property, home, and even your neighbours.


Whether you want a new deck or need to replace an existing one, AQWA Constructions has an extensive scope of deck services to fit your needs.

Paving, Concrete, and Stonework

A staple of landscaping, these hard materials are fundamental to improving any outdoor area. AQWA uses an assortment of pebbles, gravel, pavers, tiles, and even boulders to provide you with the perfect design.

Why Choose AQWA for Your Landscaping Project?

We provide landscape construction Brisbane wide that places a premium on value and customer satisfaction. We hold ourselves to the highest standards so that you will get the most out of your project.

Our reputation has been built on providing customer satisfaction at the highest level. We achieve this by working closely with our customers, regularly communicating with them, and staying up to date with industry trends. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience to create your dream landscape.

Looking to Improve Your Lawn or Yard?

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