Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

AQWA Constructions can transform your kitchen space into a highly functional and elegant space.

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At AQWA Constructions, our team have collectively built a strong reputation in providing complete kitchen renovations Brisbane wide, bringing our customers dreams to life.

We will work with you to guide you through the renovation process from inception to completion, helping you to achieve the best result for your kitchen renovation project. Whether it is a simple refresh of your kitchen, or a total facelift as a remodel transformation, AQWA Constructions will assist and commit to you in every possible way to achieve the result that is tailored to your expectations and budget.

We know all too well that renovations can be stressful and time consuming, which is why we aim to take the pressure from your shoulders and create a memorable, fun, and rewarding renovation experience.

The kitchen is known to be the heart of every home, and our top priority is making it a beautiful centrepiece where your family and friends can gather and create memories. For a worthwhile kitchen remodel Brisbane service, we’ve got you covered.

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Stylish, Affordable and Modern Kitchen Renovation

It’s often said that the most important room within a home is the kitchen. This isn’t just because it’s where the cooking happens, but because it’s a hub of home activity, a point of pride and a place to socialise. Furthermore, a well-appointed kitchen will dramatically increase the value of your home. Because we are experts in renovations for kitchens Brisbane northside and beyond, we know what’s required to create a high quality product. So, let’s get started!

One of our specialties lies within apartment kitchen renovations. These rooms are known to us as specialty areas as we’re typically working with a small space that needs to be optimised for efficiency and practicality, while appearing stylish.

When it comes to renovating kitchens Brisbane northside and across surrounding areas, AQWA likes to keep the “working triangle” in mind. The working triangle is a great way to ensure there is enough distance between the most utilised areas in your kitchen – the cooktop, sink and fridge. When designing a kitchen, AQWA Constructions always ensure there is sufficient space between each of these stations which minimises movement throughout the kitchen and minimises interruptions to the cook.

Kitchen Renovations Brisbane
Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

Complete Kitchen Renovations Brisbane

AQWA Constructions success with kitchen renovations Brisbane homeowners love is primarily due to the extra time we spend working with our customers to finalise their beautiful kitchen designs. Regardless of whether your kitchen is confined to a single wall, U-shaped, or tucked in a corner, AQWA Construction are specialists in the following areas:

  • Reconfiguration
  • Relocation
  • Resizing


The areas that our kitchen remodel Brisbane service also include are the removal of interior walls or creating enclosures to create the best and most practical kitchen layout for your home. We consider the number of people within your household, whether you’re an avid entertainer, or you simply prefer utilising the microwave more so than other appliances. These lifestyle choices are important influencers in ensuring we create your dream kitchen that works perfectly with you and complements your way of life.

Why Choose AQWA for a Kitchen Renovation?

Why should you choose AQWA for your kitchen renovation? As one of Brisbane’s leading kitchen renovations companies, we offer a complete start to finish service, with a constant line of communication to ensure we’re on the right track to producing your perfect new kitchen. Our team will be there from design, demolition, and tiling, all the way through to plumbing, electrical, and final fixtures, and fittings.

We will deliver you the quality kitchen renovation you’ve been waiting for.

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