Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Planning bathroom makeover ideas can lead to creating a luxurious and uplifting space that combines utility as well as beauty. Bathroom renovation ideas can range from the simple to the complex while incorporating a classical style or something uniquely modern. Regardless of what you choose, generating bathroom remodelling ideas is going to be the first step on your renovation journey. AQWA Constructions prides itself on turning your dreams into reality, so we are happy to present the following suggestions to help you get started on creating that stylish bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Your bathroom is a great place to start a makeover project and can add a pleasant new look to an important room in your home.


Colours are an important consideration for any room and this is especially true for your bathroom. You want to feel relaxed and at ease which is why natural colours such as green and blue are popular choices. Green helps establish a sense of calm and fosters a feeling of renewal, in particular, olive green can evoke a return-to-nature ambience. Blue is perceived as open and gentle; its spectrum of light to dark hues makes an excellent choice if you want to create a serene welcoming atmosphere.

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Organic Textures & Shapes

Continuing with nature as a motif for large and small bathroom remodel ideas, wood and organic shapes will continue to be popular. Rounded edges on mirrors, shower screens, and tub basins will remain fashionable; are a versatile design capable of being used in a variety of imaginative ways. Pairing them with your fixtures can create a soothing environment entirely free from sharp hard edges.

Wood, or wood-like tile, continues to be one of the most popular bathroom makeover ideas due to its resilience and warm look. Natural wood is great for use as panelling or shelving in areas that aren’t exposed to too much moisture. Wood-like tile makes an excellent choice for your bathroom floors or walls since it can withstand exposure to large amounts of steam and water.

VJ Panels

Wooden vertical joint panels, also known as tongue and groove panels, are pre-made wall panelling that is moisture resistant. They are best used in places that do not come in direct contact with water and are frequently installed as a vanity splashback. The vertical lines help visually expand the height of a bathroom because they continue past eye level. This optical feature makes them a fantastic choice for bathrooms with lower ceilings.

They are becoming one of the most popular bathroom remodelling ideas in Australia. They remove grout lines and the tinged colour look associated with them. VJ panels are also easier to wipe clean, saving you time, and provide a warm soft look to your bathroom. They will not rot and provide a layer of thermal and sonic insulation. However, they cannot be used directly on top of existing tiles. The tiles will need to be removed and the panels will need to be mounted on wall studs or fixed to a concrete wall. Using an experienced tradesperson, like those at AQWA Constructions, will make sure the process is done correctly and efficiently.

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Freestanding Baths

While not an entirely new trend, freestanding baths continue to be one of the most popular bathroom renovation ideas. Their curved shape fits in perfectly with the current preference for organic shapes and they make a compelling feature when positioned in the centre of the room. They make a great way to relax and help replenish your sense of well-being while adding a touch of style to your bathroom.

Modern Technology

Many popular bathroom renovation ideas are blending the old and the new together to create a pleasing organic aesthetic with the latest technology. Illuminate your bathroom with energy-saving LED bulbs or other up-to-date lighting choices. Use sensors on your taps to avoid constantly touching them and maximise the efficiency of your water usage.

Showers can be equipped with a smart mixer that allows you to set the temperature and water pressure to the exact levels you prefer. Heated flooring adds a touch of luxury and is becoming increasingly popular. Set the temperature to your liking and program the timer to turn on before you wake so you can walk across a perfectly warmed floor.

Start Building Your Dream

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