Can I Renovate My Apartment In Brisbane?

‘It can take six months to get approval to renovate my apartment’: What you can and can’t change when renovating an apartment

If you’re keen on dragging a dated unit into the 21st century and perhaps making some money in the process, it’s important to understand the limitations that apply to renovating an apartment.

The structure of the apartment building is owned by the owners’ corporation. This usually means that any changes that affect the structure will require approval, while some are unlikely to be allowed at all.

Expecting owners’ corporation approval to be quick is one of the biggest traps for renovators, according to Bernadette Janson from the School of Renovating.

“The process can be quite time consuming, it might take you six months to get the approval.”

“Often it requires educating the owners’ corporation. Often they might not understand what’s required.”

It’s important to factor this time into your budget, and Janson suggests investigating whether the building allows short-term rentals to cover your holding costs in a drawn-out approval process.

AQWA Apartments has developed a specialised apartment renovation service for our clients who are looking for a quality and cost-effective way to renovate the apartment. This specialised service is targeted at the kitchen, bathroom and/or full apartment renovations and our aim is to completely makeover a property giving it that brand new look and feel with quality and workmanship that will stand the test of time.

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