Kitchen Pantry Ideas

Kitchen cupboard and pantries are generally a win or dealbreaker when it comes to kitchen designs and layouts – so many homeowners look for a conveniently structured and functional pantry to suit their lifestyle. In the age of construction and architecture, builders and designers are becoming even more so creative and innovative with our basic every day, creature comfort aspects of home life, this includes kitchen pantry ideas and implementations.

In this blog, we’re going to be going over some pantry ideas that may inspire and drive your next kitchen renovation. From maximising on space and storage, streamlining designs, and integrating technology to make life that little bit easier.

Pantry Ideas to Bring Your Space to Life

Streamlining Design, Colour, and Structure.

A great way to start your pantry renovation is by streamlining the design and colours of your space, this allows you to bring uniformity and cohesion with paint shades, shelving fixtures, design elements and more – all the elements that create a perfectly balanced kitchen pantry. In more modern pantry ideas and designs, you may notice kitchen cupboards, fridges, and pantries boasting the same build, creating a new level of flow throughout the space in comparison to standard kitchens with dated colours, textures, and finishes that barely marry together. Here, you may want to consider implementing a kitchen pantry that matches the design of your cupboards, all the way down to the handles and functionality.

Maximise Your Pantry Space

Added space is always considered a luxury regardless of the size of your home, which is one of the main pantry ideas we come across. This is the same when it comes to your kitchen pantry, and especially so. Whether you’ve outgrown the pantry you currently have, or you simply want something more functional and convenient for your space, it’s time to upgrade your pantry to something that’s going to mirror your lifestyle today. To maximise your pantry space you should opt for adjustable shelving that can be moved up and down depending on the size of items to be stored. This will allow you to reconfigure the layout as often as needed, creating a storage solution that is both efficient and organised.

Adding Technology & Automation

The most impressive kitchen pantries today are definitely benefiting from added automation and technology. The advent of smart home functionality has meant that homeowners can now take advantage of specific features, from automated soft-closing drawers to LED lighting, all the way down to integrated refrigeration systems or virtual reality based baking tutorials – whatever matches your lifestyle best! Although these tech implementations are usually at the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price, they are definitely worth considering if you’re looking to add that little bit extra to your kitchen pantry.

Make the Most of Every Inch of Space

Oftentimes, people will ignore some specific areas of the pantry which could double as extra space for your goods. Think: adding a pantry with aesthetic shelving on the door for jars, spices, bottles or tins, invisible hooks on the underside of your shelving or on the walls of the pantry, or custom-made shelving units that are specifically designed to suit your lifestyle and pantry space. With a little bit of creativity and imagination, you can make the most out of every inch of space – allowing for total organisation and productivity in your kitchen pantry.

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