Modern Landscaping Ideas

If your yard is looking a little dull, why not improve it with some modern landscaping ideas? Similar to interior design, modern landscaping can completely transform any outdoor space from drab to fab. From installing unique architectural elements to adding vibrant colours to your walls, there’s definitely no shortage of creative methods to revamp your outdoor space quickly and without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, it’s all about personalising the design to fit your home’s exterior, and at AQWA Constructions, we pride ourselves on transforming clients’ homes into luxury spaces. Our landscape construction Brisbane team will work alongside you to bring your vision to life so you can impress family, friends and neighbours with your brilliant taste in modern landscape design.

With AQWA Construction’s assistance, modern landscaping designs are truly accessible within any budget. For your Brisbane home renovations, contact our friendly professionals by dialling 0414 234 695, or by contacting them online.

Modern Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking to present your outdoor space with modern appeal, it pays to know the types of landscaping ideas that will bring out its potential.

An extended deck

For those with so much yard space they don’t know what to do with it, consider an extended deck. An outdoor deck provides you with the luxury of dining al fresco and hosting friends and family at an outdoor event. Compliment your deck with colourful accents. This can be the pillows to accessorise your couches, plants, umbrellas, etc. Whether you want a deck to wrap around your entire yard or part of it, we can help. 


Enjoy your deck in rain or shine with an awning. An awning will protect you from nature’s harsh elements, as well as making sure your furniture doesn’t get wet or lose its colour. Awnings are also perfect for installing above your pool as the partial shade allows you to enjoy long hours of swimming in the heat without the harsh effects of the sun.


In the blistering heat of Queensland summer (and spring and part of autumn), a pool is an integral part of the home. Whether you have a small pool just big enough for the family or a large lap pool you can exercise in, the team at AQWA Constructions will work closely with you to create something that works perfectly with your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for somewhere smaller to keep the kids entertained, an oasis that the whole family can relax in, or a large lap pool suitable for exercise, our team has you covered.

Decking designs for your pool

Nowadays, when people think of modern landscaping, they instantly imagine the breathtaking design possibilities around a pool. From an aboveground or in-ground pool, creating a stunning landscape is easier than you may think! Alternatively, these materials can be used to create pathways to and from the pool, creating an even more beautiful visual effect. Make it your mission to give your backyard effortless curb appeal – with only minimal effort!

Feature wall

Whether you choose to go for a warm, vibrant red or a bright, cheerful yellow, it will instantly draw attention and lift the atmosphere in the area. You can even install some shelves, giving you extra options in terms of decorating with plants while also saving up much-needed floor space. Get creative with your feature wall and watch as moments spent in your outdoor area become more enjoyable than ever before!

Water feature

Add a touch of tranquillity to your home with a water feature. These include fountains, bird baths, ponds, waterfalls and more. There are many ways to integrate your water feature into your new modern landscape design. They can be decorated with pebbles, gravel or stone at the base of your fountain, add underwater lights should you want a pond, and add plants to the surrounding area.

For modern landscape designs, trust AQWA Constructions

At AQWA Constructions, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality workmanship which is tailored to our individual clients’ needs. We also provide excellent customer service so our clients know they will receive the highest standard of work on their landscaping projects. Our years of experience in the industry means we understand how to effectively integrate modern design elements into outdoor spaces; creating stunning gardens that really stand out from the crowd!

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