Modern Laundry Renovations to Upgrade Your Home

Looking to update your laundry space? It’s common for homeowners to favour functionality over looks in their laundries. Being one of the smaller rooms in a home, the laundry can easily become a neglected zone rather than an inviting space. Before jumping into any major modern laundry renovations, it’s important to consider how your space functions as it stands and what it needs.

We’ve put together a few luxury laundry room ideas and renovations that you can use to take your space to the next level. These renovation ideas will not only add value to your home but will enhance the convenience of your functional space.

Our Favourite Modern Laundry Renovations

Storage Solutions

As we said earlier, it’s unfortunate but true that the laundry often becomes a storage room for households with limited space or too much stuff. So why not use this extra room to your advantage and install smart storage solutions that still add a modern feel to the space? There are many simple fixes like new cabinets and shelves, which provide plenty of room for all your stuff without crowding the floor. You can even enlist the help of a trusted construction company, like AQWA, and receive tailor-made cabinetry and shelving that is custom-built for your space’s size and needs. Simple cabinets can help create a more sleek, modern-looking laundry space as they allow you to tuck everything away behind closed doors, minimising the appearance of clutter.

Don’t be Afraid to Build Up

If you have limited floor space, you may want to consider building up! High, above-sink cabinets can ensure that you’re making the most of whatever you’ve got. Make sure you’re not forgetting about ironing board storage! If you’re looking for luxury laundry room ideas to modernise your space even further, you may even want to utilise the ceiling. Adding a hanging rail that functions as a drying rack for clothes serves the dual function of an extra place to hang wet laundry as well as adding a unique detail to the room.

Consider Your Layout

To make the most of your laundry’s layout, you may need to enlist the help of a professional. Renovating the layout of your outdated laundry to fit your specific needs can greatly improve the functionality and overall flow of the space, as you know that every detail has been thought out to fit your goals. Some modern laundry renovations you may want to consider for enhancing the layout of your room include creating space for your appliances to go side by side rather than on top of each other, extending the size of your laundry bench (or adding one!) and

Extra Bench Space

Depending on your needs, having a large bench space can be a major plus in your laundry space. This bench will ultimately have many functions, from a table for folding to a place for the kids to store their school bags, to extra storage space, the more bench, the better. Undergoing a small renovation, like clearing floor space to have your washer and dryer next to each other rather than above, can free up a lot more space to extend your bench, and potentially even move your sink to one side. Or you may find that you need more cabinet storage space and would like to build a spot for your dryer to sit above the washer. It’s all about your individual needs.

Appliances & Fixtures

Modern laundry renovations can also include simply updating your appliances and fixtures. Switching to a different style of tap or faucet can sometimes completely transform a space. You can also update fixtures for functionality, like having an extendable faucet arm installed, to easily fill buckets and tubs without lifting them to the sink. As we mentioned earlier, changing your washer and dryer to sit side by side can free up more bench space but it also means that you’ll need to switch to front-loading appliances rather than top loading.

Let AQWA Assist with Your Renovations!

At AQWA, we have made a name for ourselves throughout the industry for being a high-end renovation company that prides itself in delivering the best quality service and results for our customers. If you’re interested in undergoing modern laundry renovations but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Give our team a call at 0414 234 695 to request a renovation quote today! You can go into your next renovation with confidence and peace of mind knowing that we’ve got everything covered.