Planning a Kitchen Renovation

One of the most common rooms to renovate within a home is the kitchen. This is also the heart of any abode, where the food is created, where people gather together, where children learn, and where conversation takes place. So, you want it to look inviting, warm, and impressive, while serving optimal functionality. Planning a kitchen renovation may feel like a stressful and dreadful task, but when done right, the reward is promising and worth it.

So, how do you plan a kitchen renovation? We’ve compiled some of the most useful and important aspects of planning for a kitchen renovation, which will help you move forward into a stress-free, reliable, and exciting renovation adventure.

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Planning a Kitchen Renovation

Thorough Research

The first step to any renovation project is conducting some thorough research. Whether it’s looking online for design inspiration, sourcing some of the best trades people for the job, or looking at reviews for products, materials, and businesses, research is imperative. When doing your research, ensure you’re taking notes of decisions that are made, changes, things you want to remember further into your renovation journey, and things alike – this will come in handy come time to start budgeting.

Sort Out the Budget

Once you’re happy with your research, it’s time to figure out how much money you are expecting to spend on the renovation. First and foremost, jot out everything you want as part of your renovation, and then spend time eliminating/reworking certain aspects into what you genuinely need in your renovation. Then, look at what you can actually afford, what you’re considering investing in, all while taking into consideration whether these changes will benefit the value of your property.

Considering Your Costs

Renovations are as much about the cost as they are about the finished product, but the reward wouldn’t be possible without considering your costs. Paying more than what you expected isn’t hard when it comes to kitchen renovations, which is why it’s important to plan your budget strategy thoroughly, while considering the amount of money you’re spending on every aspect of your renovation. Some things to consider the costs of include (but are not limited to):

  • Builder and Cabinet Maker
  • Electrician
  • Tiler
  • Plumber
  • Painter
  • Benchtops
  • Fittings and Fixtures
  • Tiles
  • Appliances
  • And so on…

When considering the costs going into your renovation, ensure you’re leaving a fairly convenient buffer should a change or even a problem arise during the process. This will give you leeway into spending more money without hurting your bank account.

Ultimate Design

Laying out your kitchen design is the fun part because it’s where you start to see the plan come to fruition. Engaging a renovation specialist like AQWA Constructions will help you better design your dream kitchen while maximising its functionality alongside the aesthetic. Like we said, the kitchen is the heart of the home – it needs optimal care and consideration when it comes to rebuilding or redesigning. Our team will work closely alongside you to make sure your kitchen is designed perfectly to a T, while still accommodating the general performance of a great kitchen.

Project Timeline

An important part of planning a kitchen renovation is determining the timeline in which it is going to be completed. The project timeline gives you and your builders/contractors the ability to discuss the most feasible timeframe in which your kitchen renovation will be completed. This is an imperative aspect to any renovation because it allows you to deal with potential delays upfront and sort out a suitable amount of time to allow for these things to be taken care of should they happen. Break the renovation down into sections, from cabinet making/sourcing, appliances, tiling, painting, and so on – this is the easiest way to get an overall perspective of how long your renovation is going to last.

Trades People

With everything else finally taken care of, it’s time to start sourcing quotes from different tradespeople to find a cost effective, reliable solution and a team that can understand your vision. From licensed plumbers and electricians to painters and cabinet makers, you need tradespeople to get the renovation done to a quality standard. One of the best things you can do is supply potential tradies with a detailed plan of your renovation expectations and timeframes, allowing them to quote you as accurately as possible for their services. This gives you more opportunity to refine your budget, and make changes where needed to reflect a renovation in control.

Ready to Renovate Your Kitchen?

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