Pool Decoration Ideas

Nothing spells luxury like a beautiful pool design that elevates the look of your backyard. Living in Australia, we know how much people love to relax pool side and soak up the sun during the warmer seasons, and with a beautifully designed pool area it makes the environment feel that much more enjoyable. While there are a number of ways to style your pool décor or outdoor entertaining space, doing it the right way is the most important fundamental to ensure it looks seamless, inviting, and flows with your homes exterior.

The best thing about designing a stunning pool space is there you do have optimal design freedom. Whether you’re wanting a Balinese inspired finish, something minimalistic, ultra-modern or that boasts a tropical oasis, it all comes down to the finishes and décor that is incorporated. In this blog, we’ll be providing some beautiful ideas that you can include in your pool designs to completely transform the way your space looks.

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Pool Decoration Ideas to Elevate Your Design

Swinging Sofas

If you’re wanting to be a little extra with your new pool decoration ideas, we have the perfect recommendation that you’re going to love. Instead of setting up a lounge area on your back patio, consider having some swinging sofa’s installed from the ceiling. Not only do these look absolutely stunning as a poolside accent, but they make for a novelty feature that will catch the eyes of future buyers (should you ever wish to sell). These types of décor ideas go really well with a farmhouse styled outdoor space, and will become a favourite staple for friends, family, and anyone taking a dip in the pool.

Accented Tiles & Pool Finishes

Instead of going for the basic tiles or stock standard concrete around your pool area, spice it up with some beautifully designed and unique tiles to draw the eye to the space. If you’re wanting to home in on that Tuscan or Mediterranean style for your outdoor space, some gorgeous feature tiles to line the pool with are going to do the trick. For something a little more fresh, sleek, and modern, glass tiles are a stunning and soft touch.  

Balinese Hut

Balinese styled pool areas have never really gone out of style. If anything, they’re always elevated and transformed to fit the trends of the modern day. In this case, Balinese huts are still a sought-after pool décor solution that many homeowners love. Bali is known for being a pinnacle when it comes to vacations and tropical holidays, bringing tourists closer to mother nature, and the way of Indonesian living. If Bali is one of your favourite places to be, or you’ve had a longstanding dream to travel there, you can bring it to your own backyard through a marvellously designed Balinese hut.

Outdoor Shower

Another ode to the love of tropical vacations, and outdoor shower is a great way to get clean and rinse off before (or after) a dip in the pool. It doesn’t have to be one of those basic installations that you see at the beach, either, as you can get creative with stones underfoot, greenery surrounding the shower for privacy, and even garden statues to make it feel just like an oasis away from your home. These décor ideas are perfect for poolside spaces, moreover, for those that want to mimic a tropical destination in the backyard.

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